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Sylphyo 1.2.0

Compass control, seven octaves, improved fingerings.

As you slowly start to abandon your mittens, your fingers might want to regain their agility and crave some Sylphyo performance. The new update has everything you need to keep them happy!

After a long period of careful design and testing, thanks to our trusted beta users and musicians, the internal software of the Sylphyo just passed the 1.2.0 mark. Let's have a look at what's new compared to the previous version.

Compass control

Movement is a key aspect of musical expression that not only visually contributes to the sense of motion in your music, but can also sublty influence the way you sound.

To help you make the most of it, version 1.2.0 introduces compass control, a third dimension of movement expression that complements elevation and roll controls. When playing a note, you can now point the bell of your Sylphyo towards the left or right to modify another aspect of your sound.

In addition, all three inertial controls can be further customized: for example, you can make larger or smaller movements, use absolute angles instead of relative ones, or make them change the sound even when you don't play anything.

In the following video, Ludovic first demonstrates how you can use compass control to change the timbre of a synth bass. He then shows how it can allow you to control the stereo position of your sound by directly panning towards the left or right.

Seven octaves

At the end of the video, Ludovic shows another new feature of version 1.2.0: a playing range of 7 octaves, almost that of a piano!

This applies to all fingerings, with the exception of Recorder, Clarinets, Flute, and Celtic, where pressing or leaving the octave key can have significant effects. For all the other fingerings, we added an additional upper and lower octave.

To use the upper octave, slide your thumb from the top-most octave key to the screw above it. To use the lower octave, slide your thumb from the bottom-most settings key to the empty space just above the thumbrest.

Improved fingerings

As more and more people become interested in the Sylphyo, we are exposed to a growing number of users, who all bring their own background and requirements into their new Sylphyo practice, and through their requests help us make the Sylphyo a more universal instrument.

Version 1.2.0 reflects this trend and offers much improved fingerings for traditional instrument players. Flute and Oboe now include most of the usual traditional and alternative fingerings. Recorder does as well, and covers both Baroque and German fingerings up to the third octave.

With the help of middle-eastern music experts, we designed an Oriental clarinet fingering that is great for world music repertoires. Another notable addition is the EWI fingering, adapted from a famous wind controller of the previous generation, which will be useful to anyone who'd like to switch over to the Sylphyo.

And more!

There are several other improvements in this new version, including:

  • Your Sylphyo can now control more external synths with the support for Bank Select messages.
  • We improved the behavior of the Sylphyo with polyphonic synths when performing advanced techniques.
  • We extended the size of slider edges to allow novel use cases and prevent accidental pitch-bends.

Some of these features come from user requests, so if you want to discuss something that you think should be included in the next versions, don't hesitate to tell the community using our forum or Facebook group. Of course, you can also ask us directly at contaremovect@aoremovedyo.coremovem.

Download the update and tell us what you think!