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Laurent is a clarinet player with a passion for synthesizers. He dreamt of playing a synth like a wind instrument, but nothing existed that could fully satisfy his needs.

One day he met Ludovic, Romain, and Jonathan. As they brought their knowledge of engineering, design, and music together, they founded Aodyo Instruments and gave birth to the Sylphyo, the first MIDI wind controller to provide the feeling of an acoustic instrument. Thanks to the latest technologies and careful research, the Sylphyo transcends the expressiveness of existing MIDI controllers while bringing traditional playing techniques to the electronic world.

The Aodyo team designs and builds novel musical instruments in France. It is composed of passionate people dedicated to give music a new breath with instruments that combine tradition and innovation, respond to the requirements of each, and enable them to share the pleasure of music across cultures.

Our team

  • Laurent Pouillard


    Laurent is the inventor and lead designer of the Sylphyo. He is a senior electronic engineer and team manager. He also plays the clarinet and has a passion for building synthesizers.
  • Ludovic Potier

    R&D Engineer

    Ludovic works on the ergonomics and the design of Aodyo instruments. He is a mechanical engineer with a PhD in cognitive sciences. He also plays upright bass in hip hop, world, and jazz music projects.
  • Jonathan Aceituno

    R&D Engineer

    Jonathan works on the software development and interaction design of Aodyo instruments. He has a PhD in the field of HCI. He also records music in his bedroom with his guitars, computer, and (obviously) Sylphyo.
  • Matthias Couche

    Business Developer

    Matthias works on making the Sylphyo available anywhere on the planet. He is a specialist in sales and speaks five languages. He plays the guitar, the piano and the bagpipe. He also creates music with his computer.

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