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They use the Sylphyo

Customer reviews

Musik Produktiv

I am full of enthusiasm for the Sylphyo. 

Easy to play, a silent instrument, which is guaranteed not to disturb the neighbours. 

Plug in your headphones and let's go. 

Everyone can learn and play quickly, because everything is possible from simple and logical fingering technique to the fingering tablature of the brass instruments. 

Only one deception: The sounds stored on the device do not correspond to the promises in the advertising. To play a beautiful oboe, clarinet or trumpet sound, you still need native VST plug-in instruments via computer. 

And a cleaning cloth (dry cloth) would be super in the package.

Otherwise: Thumbs up!

Tim Brown

I have known and followed the progress of the sylphyo since the Kickstarter appeal. Although unable to invest in the kickstarter stage, as soon as was able I purchased mine in 2017 then upgraded to the link last year. 

Tim Griesgach

I know your Sylphyo from Instagram

François Prost (Fanch Soixantequinze)

I first heard about Sylphyo from the Kickstarter campaign. Because I have been following for several years what concerns wind controllers, without owning any until then (except MIDI bagpipes) 

But I waited until the official release to buy it, because I needed to expand my sound palette on stage. 

I play bagpipes, in different tonalities, acoustic and electronic. And also Irish flutes (Whistle). I was considering the acquisition of an EWI, but the size, the presence of keys, etc. . . made me hesitate. 

The departure of the band's keyboarder pushed me to test the Sylphyo because I could only satisfy myself with flutes and bagpipes. . . 

I play Sylphyo live, and therefore necessarily at home to practice. For future compositions and a next album (project for the moment postponed far enough) there will inevitably be its place. As a wind instruments player, he allows me to play sounds without having to work on keyboard technique. I don't use internal sounds at the moment (except to work on a song independently, for example in the train ;-)). The reason is that I use acoustic instrument sounds (Saxophone, Violins, Cello, Oboe, Bassoons, etc.)

Used like : Electronic flute
Heike Dobra
Cologne (Köln)

I know the Sylphyo because I was looking for a wind converter (EWI). 

I looked at all the possibilities on the Internet and then saw at Music Store that they have the Sylphyo. 

Then I read through all the possibilities and features (also from the other MIDI wind controllers) and realised that the Aodyo was exactly what I'm looking for. And I was excited about it from day one. I also bought it at Music Store in Cologne. 


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