Aodyo / Sylphyo / For whom?

The Sylphyo, for whom?

We designed the Sylphyo for all musicians

Whether you’re a pro, a beginner, or an beginner, whether you already play a wind instrument or not, you can quickly learn how to play the Sylphyo and be on your way to becoming a virtuoso. DJs, beatmakers, or composers can use it to quickly record their productions with a high level of expressiveness in an extremely effective way.

If you play any wind instrument, you can very easily switch from your traditional instrument to the Sylphyo, back and forth. If you are a beginner, your Sylphyo will allow you to improve your technique in the plane or in your bed, and you’ll benefit from your progress when you get back to your acoustic instrument! Conversely, because the fingerings of your Sylphyo are similar to your traditional instrument, you can use it to play your usual musical repertoire without a hitch.

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