Aodyo / Why the Sylphyo?

Our mission: innovate to improve your experience as a musician

It's a fact: the synth and computer music world is made for those who know how to play keyboards and percussions, and most electronic instruments are not well suited to wind instrumentists. With the Sylphyo, we wanted to provide a way to bridge the gap between the expressiveness and subtlety of acoustic wind instruments and the richness and diversity of the electronic music world. In addition to that, the Sylphyo offers you several new ways to augment your playing technique, and allows you to discover new ways to perform your music.

Give life to your sound: breath control with a wide dynamic range, and modulate them thanks to tactile and movement controls

Unlike the keyboard or percussion where sound often takes a life of its own once the note has been triggered, wind instruments provide something unique: your breath is what keeps your sound alive and determines how it sounds, all the way from start to finish. You are in charge of the intensity of the sound, its timbre, tone, and color, and all the possible modulations and effects are at your fingertips in real time.

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