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The Sylphyo, the electronic wind instrument: 

The electronic wind instrument: Expand your sound palette, with headphones or amplified.

The Sylphyo is an electronic wind instrument that reproduces the feeling of an acoustic wind instrument. Like them, it is played by blowing into a mouthpiece and selecting notes using keys on the front of the instrument. However, unlike other wind instruments, the Sylphyo is also sensitive to your movements, as well as the way you touch it, offering novel expressive possibilities.

This uncommon instrument can intrigue you. The Aodyo team is available to answer all your questions.

An electronic instrument designed for expression

Expressive: One Sylphyo, endless possibilities.

The Sylphyo is designed to reproduce the air flow of acoustic instruments, allowing you to achieve pianissimo or fortissimo dynamics, to play staccato or legato, and to perform many wind instrument tonguing techniques.

Using its slider and its inertial sensors, you can bend notes upwards or downwards, achieve great glissandi, or completely transform the timbre of your sound over up to seven octaves.

Mobile: Pull it out of your bag, turn it on, and strike up the band!

Play everywhere—at home, in the car or in the plane—without bothering anyone, using the headphones output. And thanks to the Link receiver, your Sylphyo becomes a wireless instrument that you can play on any sound system. Leave your Link in the control room, and move freely on stage with your Sylphyo! With its USB and MIDI outputs, the Link receiver also allows you to fully enjoy the world of computer music, allowing you to connect to a computer, an external synthesizer, or to your favourite groovebox or sampler, all this wireless from the Sylphyo!

Easy to use: Made for beginners and advanced musicians

Do you play the saxophone, the recorder, the flute, the clarinet, the trumpet, the oboe, or the whistle? Then you'll be proficient with the Sylphyo in a few hours. 
Don’t play a woodwind or a brass yet? The Sylphyo is the perfect first step into the world of wind instruments, at your own pace. And with sounds as diverse and expressive, from acoustic simulations to massive electronic sounds, there's always something new to learn!

When innovation meets tradition

Concept: Between innovation and tradition

We designed the Sylphyo so that you can play it almost as if you played an acoustic instrument: its shape, the design of the keys, and its air column have been made with the traditional uses of wind instruments in mind. This makes it possible for a wind instrumentist to feel the sensations of an acoustic instrument and to perform her usual repertoire right on the Sylphyo.

In addition, we designed novel gestures and ways of performing that increase the expressive power of your instrument: use its tactile surfaces to modulate your sound, or move the instrument around for additional nuances and stage presence. Want to focus on learning the fingerings of your instrument? Thanks to the inertial mode, you can even play without having to blow into the mouthpiece!

Natural breath: A patented air column

The air column is the core component in the design of the Sylphyo. Its volume and its air flow allow you to experience the feeling of an acoustic instrument. Its high-precision pressure sensor ensures that the faintest breath is accurately converted into music, and you can customize it to reach the point of optimal playing comfort. This unique system is patented by Aodyo Instruments.

Variations: a color for everyone

Two special editions have already been released to vary pleasures and colors. The red one, in a 10-unit limited edition, gives a warm and funky touch to your instrument. The snow version, with its subtle translucent white, matches perfectly with the winter that is coming.

An ever-evolving world of sounds

Built-in synthesizer: a wolf in sheep’s clothing

The Sylphyo and its Link receiver both have the new Aodyo synth board under the hood. With it, you don’t need additional hardware or software anymore. It offers a wide range of high-quality sounds that are perfectly tailored to the Sylphyo and all its expressive controls.

Sound universes: more than sounds, sound universes to explore

We just call them “sounds”, but they’re much more than simple presets. Each one of them is a vast sound universe: while playing, you can steer your timbre and tone through a rich multi-dimensional space of filters, effects, and morphings. With all these modulations combined, each sonic universe in fact offers a wide range of extremely diverse sound variations.

Advanced mappings: a direct response to the various controls of the Sylphyo

“Mapping” describes how each control of the Sylphyo can influence various aspects of your sound. We designed the mapping of each sound universe to harness all the possible expressive capabilities of the instrument, while allowing interesting variations in tone color and effects.

Evolutions: a new sound every month, and soon an editor to make new ones

We provide free software upgrades on our website, including fresh new sounds. Updates often also include new expression capabilities, making your Sylphyo a constantly evolving instrument.

MIDI controller: the whole world of computer music in one breath

As your Sylphyo is also a MIDI controller, you can also play any virtual instrument or synthesizer. The Sylphyo can control them all, whether they respond to breath control or velocity only. In addition, you can setup your Sylphyo to freely assign its controls to any MIDI Control Change, or by using MIDI Learn on your preferred plug-in or DAW. The Sylphyo will bring a breath of fresh air to the MIDI instruments you know and love!

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