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Discover the Sylphyo, the electronic wind instrument that offers true acoustic sensations.

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Explore high-quality onboard sound universes

With more than 30 amazing built-in sound universes, ranging from acoustic simulations to heavy electronic sounds, you won't need anything more to get a great sound: the Sylphyo already packs a punch.

Give life to your sound

The patented air column is the core component in the design of the Sylphyo. Its high-precision pressure sensor ensures that you can achieve pianissimo or fortissimo dynamics, staccato or legato, and perform many other wind instrument tonguing techniques.

Teaching old winds new tricks

Movement control

While playing, move your Sylphyo around to get all kind of effects on your sound thanks to elevation, roll, and compass control.


Your right thumb rests comfortably under the thumbrest, over a tactile slider which offers you even more intimate ways to control and shape your sounds.

Each sound universe responds to all of these modulations, offering you not only a large palette of sound variations, but also brand new playing experiences.

One instrument to rule them all

The Sylphyo is also a world-class MIDI wind controller. With all its expressive capabilities, you'll bring a breath of fresh air to all the virtual instruments and synthesizers you already know and love. Learn more about using the Sylphyo as a controller.

No horn left behind

Saxophone, flute, trumpet… Whatever wind instrument you play, the Sylphyo is designed with your musical knowledge in mind. With over 50 fingerings mostly adapted from wind instruments, you will be able to master it in no time. Learn more about the fingering options.

A Sylphyo for everyone

Inspired by the most common acoustic wind instruments, we carefully designed the Sylphyo with one thing in mind: a unique instrument for beginners and professionals alike.

Tailored to your needs

You can customize your Sylphyo to fit perfectly with your playing style, with precise settings for your breath and each of the movements that allow you multiple variations in tone, color, and effects. Learn more about the MIDI mapping.

Play with headphones or wirelessly

Thanks to its compact form factor, you can play and practice anywhere, without bothering anyone, just by plugging your headphones to the Sylphyo. 

And when you're ready to switch from the practice room to the stage, the Link receiver* has got you covered. Plug the Link receiver to the sound system and enjoy a robust wireless connection to your Sylphyo while you're moving around. Discover the Link receiver.

An Evolving instrument

New sounds are being offered through free software updates. Discover latest updates.


> Standalone electronic wind instrument
> High-precision breath control with wide dynamic range
> Slider and touch-sensitive keys for pitch-bend and timbre control
> Inertial control sensors for vibrato and timbre control
> High-quality onboard sound universes (internal sound engine)
> Sylphyo becomes wireless when used with a Link receiver (ultra low latency, high range, robust connection with up to 64 channels)
> *The Link receiver is an optional device
> Free internal software and sound engine updates
> Headphones output
> MIDI through USB (compatible with PC, Mac, iOS)
> Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2400 mAh (Up to 6 hours battery life )
> Charging via USB to computer system or power adapter
> 43 cm (17") and 395 g (0.87 lbs)
> Included: Sylphyo, one removable mouthpiece, USB cable, and USB charger
> Designed and made in France
799 € | Buy now
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