The electronic wind instrument.

Expand your sound palette, with headphones or amplified.


One Sylphyo, endless possibilities.

The Sylphyo is designed to reproduce the air flow of acoustic instruments, allowing you to achieve pianissimo or fortissimo dynamics, to play staccato or legato, and to realize many tonguing techniques.

Using its slider and its inertial sensors, you can bend notes upwards or downwards, achieve great glissandi, or completely transform the timbre of your sound over up to seven octaves.


Pull it out of your bag, turn it on, and strike up the band!

Play everywhere: at home, on stage, or on the plane, without bothering anyone.

Thanks to the Link receiver, your Sylphyo is a wireless instrument. Play with an amp or headphones, or connect it to a computer or a MIDI synth. Leave your Link in the control room, and move freely on stage with your Sylphyo.

Easy to use

If you already play another wind instrument, you'll be up and running with the Sylphyo in no time.

Do you play the saxophone, the recorder, the flute, the clarinet, the trumpet, the oboe, or the whistle? Then you'll be proficient with the Sylphyo in a few hours.

Don't play a woodwind or a brass? The Sylphyo is the perfect first step into the world of wind instruments, at your own pace. And with all the possible nuances, there's always something new to learn!