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About us


Our team of enthusiasts

Laurent Pouillard: President

Laurent is the inventor and lead designer of the Sylphyo. He is a senior electronic engineer and team manager. He also plays the clarinet and has a passion for building synthesizers.

Ludovic Potier: Co-founder

Ludovic works on the ergonomics and the design of Aodyo instruments. He is a mechanical engineer with a PhD in cognitive sciences. He also plays upright bass in hip hop, world, and jazz music projects.

Romain Bricout: Co-founder

Romain is a musicologist and lecturer in « Music, Art and New Technologies » at the University of Lille. He specialies in new instrumentations and sound design. He practices the saxophone, music programming and sound synthesis technologies.

Jonathan Aceituno: R&D engineer

Jonathan works on the software development and interaction design of Aodyo instruments. He has a PhD in the field of HCI. He also records music in his bedroom with his guitars, computer, and (obviously) Sylphyo.

Matthias Couche: Business Developer

Matthias works on making the Sylphyo available anywhere on the planet. He is a specialist in sales and speaks five languages. He plays the guitar, the piano and the bagpipe. He also creates music with his computer.

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