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Our tutorials will allow you to learn step by step how to play your Sylphyo, to improve your instrumental technique, and to discover how to use your Sylphyo with your virtual instruments and synthesizers.

First steps

Unboxing (What's inside the box?)

Here we have a look at what you will find inside the box just after buying your Sylphyo and Link receiver. The unboxing reveals a Sylphyo, of course, the Link, but also their accessories, a USB cable and a charger!

Playing with headphones

How to use the Sylphyo with headphones? This video explains it in less than a minute.

If this is the first time you use your Sylphyo, make sure you charge it for up to 8 hours before using it.

Just plug an amp or headphones to the headphones output of the Sylphyo and turn it on. That's it!


How to place your hands on the Sylphyo

The first episode of Rémi Ghesquière's tutorials. Rémi shows you how to place your hands and fingers on the Sylphyo.

How to breathe and make nuances

The second tutorial episode of Rémi Ghesquière. Remy explains how to breathe properly and how to make nuances with your Sylphyo.

How to play the C scale

In this third tutorial episode, Rémi explains how to play the C Major scale with the Sylphyo.

Play with your virtual instruments and synths
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